The Playful Om is about life, love, happiness, health & spirituality.  It’s about exploring the inner and outer realms of our existence and living the best life possible.  It’s a little corner of the universe seeking to break out of old molds and create itself anew.  Feel free to join in this joyous and playful expansion.  If you would like to know about the origins of the name, please click here to read the first post of this blog.  The views and opinions represented on this website aren’t static, they’re fluid and ever changing.  If anything comes across as paradoxical at times, bear the latter statement in mind and also remember that life is a paradox.


Hi, I’m Melina.

I’m a thinker who thinks too much, an explorer who has gone from exploring the outer realms to delving deep into the inner jungles of the mind, emotions, and spirit, and last but certainly not least I’m a soul who is experimenting with being a human.