An Attitude of Gratitude: The Ticket to Being in the Flow

Honestly, I’m stuck. Stuck as stuck can be, encountering blocks and frustrations at what seems to be every turn. Eluded completely from the proverbial flow that I often speak about.

So what to do? Really, it’s wonderful to read quotes of the Tao Te Ching and talk about how fine and dandy and amazing it is to be in the flow, but at some point we might come to the realization in a given moment that we aren’t there. In that moment we’re not the water flowing past the rock, we’re flesh and body banging right into that obstacle and we’re stuck.

It’s okay.

We’ve all been there. That said, sympathy is not what’s going to remedy this situation. We need a practical solution to get past that stuckness.

So, let’s backtrack just for a moment. Let’s consider this: when we’re stuck, what are we focused on? Of course we’re focused on our stuckness. We’re focused on the issue at hand that is causing us some discomfort, distress or other unwanted feeling.

What if that’s the problem right there?

It’s our focus on the problem at hand rather than anything else in the world. There’s a saying and I’m sure you’ve heard it that goes, “Let go and let God.” Now, whether you believe in a God or not is not relevant to putting this into practice and testing it out. The act of letting go and surrendering our need for our minds to figure things out is what will get us past the stuckness.

The problem though, with letting go, is that it’s easier said than done. It’s easy to advise someone to let go; a totally different thing to put it into practice ourselves in a moment of difficulty.

So, I was personally stuck in my life and I asked myself what I should do to get out of this. Here’s what came:

Maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Think of all the good in your life. Think of the things that are going right; the things that are flowing peacefully along and be thankful for these things.

I’m telling you, my friends, it sounds overly simplistic, but IT WORKS! In a moment when you’re stuck, shift your thoughts to where things are actually flowing and soon the magic will start to happen. It isn’t magic, really, but it feels like it, because the stuckness will start to loosen. You’ll be able to see things that you couldn’t see before and soon, you’ll find your way past the stuckness.

Better yet, start documenting all that you’re grateful for. Each night I write in a gratitude journal a minimum of 5 things that I’m grateful for. It’s a good practice, because what it does is it programs your mind for gratitude. What that means is that it makes it easier for you to enter into that headspace when the going gets a bit rough.

Here’s my gratitude journal. I chosen one that uplifts me and is beautiful to me:

Seriously, the gratitude journal works. It’s good for the soul and honestly, it’s the easiest thing to put into practice. I hope you’ll give it a try!

© 2013, Melina Schetakis. All rights reserved.

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