Messages for the Soul Magazine: Riding the Wave

I’m happy to share a new online magazine called Messages for the Soul. It’s all about sharing messages and tips to uplift, inspire and motivate. I contributed an article, Riding the Wave, which is about stepping into the flow so that life can be lived with more ease. It’s a bit of a change up from my usual style of writing as contributions had to be in 2nd or 3rd person. But, I hope despite this change in style that you’ll still find it useful! I can say that I have used the technique I’ve shared and it has helped to free up the energy within and outside of me so that it can flow. And, I have to say, that is everything. When energy flows, life feels better and it happens with greater joy and ease. Enjoy and may you flow into 2013 with joy! (It might take a few seconds for the link to the magazine located below to appear, but don’t worry- it’s coming!)

© 2012, Melina Schetakis. All rights reserved.

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