Savouring 2013

I’ve decided 2013 is going to be a gluttonous sort of year. Well, not truly selfishly gluttonous, but it will be a year of life fleshed out, fully lived, not filled with hesitations, apprehensions and regrets. This is a step outside my comfort zone. My norm is to be a holder-backer, over-thinker, time-waster type of person. In short, I spend a lot of time contemplating things and mulling over them and very little time accomplishing anything… or doing anything. Believe it or not I rarely even have time for leisure. Although I’m serious in that statement, that reality is a joke… time is malleable and I’ve so far been molding it very poorly to be able to say that I have no time to watch a movie or read a novel. Alas, that changes this year. I guess you could say it’s my resolution, to be a doer, experiencer, liver of this life, fully and completely.

Though, I should say that I’m not a fan of the word “resolution”… I know I’m harping on semantics here, but semantics, if you’ve ever spoken to me, seem to take on a nearly abnormally strong importance and I’ll tell you why. We all have our thing that shapes our personality, our being and really our motivation to live out this life. Part of that for me is to be well understood. Or maybe this actually stems from a fear— I fear being misunderstood. I don’t like being wrongly paraphrased or brushed off and therefore, I’ve developed almost an addiction to sorting through my mind for the “right word”… though sometimes it fails to come to me.

But, it hasn’t this time. This isn’t just my resolution, but it’s worked into my plan for this year. You see, a plan has a lot more substance than just a statement of intention. It brings you one step closer to the doing of life (and to do rather than mull over is becoming my mantra these days, it seems). So my plan is still in its rudimentary stages, but it’s becoming more detailed as I go along.

There will be a bit more on my planning adventure for this year in my next post. Enough about me, though! I hope that 2013 has started off on the right foot for you as well. And, I hope that beyond establishing intentions, goals, and resolutions, that you’re formulating a follow-through plan to create the best year of your life. The way I see it, even though I’m a huge fan of wishful thinking, planning along with dreaming, seems to work better than just dreaming alone. Happy New Year! And, Happy Planning 😉

Featured above are a few indulgences for the week that I’ve picked up from the library, which I have penciled in time to get to. Admittedly, I picked up the Enchantress of Florence on a whim based on the beautiful yellow colour, but hopefully it turns out to be a good read! Can I say #ilovethelibrary!?

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