Instant Happiness is a Click Away

Want to change your life and experience happiness on cue? I hope you’re not actually thinking about this question!  Don’t we all want to raise the happiness vibration of the planet?  Or at least of ourselves…?

Your best bet is to cue your subconscious to happiness.  There are a whole lot of ways you can do this.  Here’s how (be sure to watch the video below, it offers a stellar technique to do this):

  1. You can write positive affirmations and stick them all over your place, your car and your cubicle and well you know, everywhere basically.
  2. Or, you can say these same positive affirmations in the mirror with all the positive emotion you can muster (in an upcoming blog post I will teach you the dos and and don’ts on how to create these properly so that your subconscious will actually respond and explain why many affirmations fail).
  3.  Or, if you really want to bring yourself to the happy place, you might want to make use of being in a very suggestible state and suggest your way there.  By that, I mean you could self hypnotize, though that takes a bit of practice and a bit of know how (I highly recommend going to a workshop to learn how to do this.  It’s well worth it and is a tool that can last a lifetime).
  4. Or, you can do what this guy suggests:
YouTube Preview Image

By using a bodily cue, you are associating your subconscious mind to the emotions you’ve programmed to respond to that cue.  This is called anchoring. Which in this case, our Aussie friend suggests snapping (or as he calls it clicking) the fingers as the cue to elicit happiness, joy, laughter, and all that good stuff!  He is absolutely right in recommending to do this practice first thing in the morning, because you are so suggestible upon awakening that there is no better time to access and program the subconscious (well, actually, as you’re falling asleep is equally as good, though doing this in the morning sets you up for a nice day).   And, there you have it!  Try it (come on… it’s just 5 minutes per day).  Do it for at least 21 consecutive days to really cement it as a habit and you will see, you will be able to experience happiness on cue!  Watch the whole 5 minutes of the video, even if you think you get the point, there’s a reason why he’s being repetitive 😉


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