Living in an Adventurous Dimension

It’s subtle the ways in which we avoid the call and remain in the adolescence of our lives. Our parents are eventually replaced by other structures that keep us secure, coddled, and within the imposing walls of conformity and comfort. Schools, corporations, churches, cushy government jobs with benefits… they all keep us in the cradle.

Oh but where does your soul want you to go? That little itch deep within that in its tickle is calling you somewhere. Why do we so often ignore and settle for the life not fully lived?

There’s a journey inside wanting to be experienced. We are not alive in the 21st century to maintain the status quo of a species that has lived in fear of scarcity and pain for so many thousands of years. We have the privilege to live in this era to sing in full voice the song in our hearts.

No more excuses. It’s time to follow your inner dream. There’s an adventure within you waiting to be played out. The expansion of the cosmos does indeed depend on you fulfilling that journey.

Photo by Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center

Life is too short to play it safe.

Just sayin’…

Here, listen to this crazy ol’ fellow, Alan Watts tell you how it is. You are the creative spirit of the Universe and we are here in the physical to live out its dream and to expand it in a multitude of ways:

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How far out could you get? … What dimension of being lost, of abandonment of your power- what dimension of that could you stand? – Alan Watts

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