Instant Happiness is a Click Away

Want to change your life and experience happiness on cue? I hope you’re not actually thinking about this question!  Don’t we all want to raise the happiness vibration of the planet?  Or at least of ourselves…?

Your best bet is to cue your subconscious to happiness.  There are a whole lot of ways you can do this.  Here’s how (be sure to watch the video below, it offers a stellar technique to do this):

  1. You can write positive affirmations and stick them all over your place, your car and your cubicle and well you know, everywhere basically.
  2. Or, you can say these same positive affirmations in the mirror with all the positive emotion you can muster (in an upcoming blog post I will teach you the dos and and don’ts on how to create these properly so that your subconscious will actually respond and explain why many affirmations fail).
  3.  Or, if you really want to bring yourself to the happy place, you might want to make use of being in a very suggestible state and suggest your way there.  By that, I mean you could self hypnotize, though that takes a bit of practice and a bit of know how (I highly recommend going to a workshop to learn how to do this.  It’s well worth it and is a tool that can last a lifetime).
  4. Or, you can do what this guy suggests:
YouTube Preview Image

By using a bodily cue, you are associating your subconscious mind to the emotions you’ve programmed to respond to that cue.  This is called anchoring. Which in this case, our Aussie friend suggests snapping (or as he calls it clicking) the fingers as the cue to elicit happiness, joy, laughter, and all that good stuff!  He is absolutely right in recommending to do this practice first thing in the morning, because you are so suggestible upon awakening that there is no better time to access and program the subconscious (well, actually, as you’re falling asleep is equally as good, though doing this in the morning sets you up for a nice day).   And, there you have it!  Try it (come on… it’s just 5 minutes per day).  Do it for at least 21 consecutive days to really cement it as a habit and you will see, you will be able to experience happiness on cue!  Watch the whole 5 minutes of the video, even if you think you get the point, there’s a reason why he’s being repetitive 😉


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Welcome to the Playful Om!

Well, well, well… You made it!  Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Playful Om!  So, you might be wondering what this site is all about and what’s up with the name.  Fear not.  I shall explain.

The Playful Om was an idea conceived many months back out of a spurt of inspiration to bring to the world thoughts and discussions on life, love, happiness, health & spirituality.  Well, kinda.  It’s more like I want(ed) the world to experience the fruits of raising our consciousness and felt nudged to play my little part in this big puzzle.  (And, if we all play our part… I’m getting tingles at the thought, we’ll be creating one amazing puzzle, that’s for sure!)  The idea sat in the womb, incubated for a long while and well, what can I say?  You can’t keep a baby inside forever!  And, so here you and I bear witness to the humble birth of the Playful Om.

Ok, so I know what you’re wondering…  what’s the deal with the name?  Well, as I sat here one night and pondered some appropriate names for this blog (all of which seemed very inappropriate, despite the words being very love-y words, you know like, “love” and “joy”), I asked the trusty universe for a sign.  And, there in front of me lay the sign of all signs, quite literally.  I looked up from my desk and found my eyes gazing at this picture that I have up on the wall.  This is no ordinary picture, but a collection of photos taken around India of the symbol “OM”.

Now, as for what “OM” represents… you might already know, but it bears explaining again, if such a “thing” can be explained.  I think that’s a challenge, because in its full and greatest essence “OM” cannot be explained.  However, the blurb beneath the picture did such a fantastic job of doing so, that I absolutely had to include this here:

 “Om is the eternal Existence, Consciousness and Bliss. This entire universe, including our body, mind and senses, is its manifestation, extension and expansion. Past, present and future all are nothing but OM. This was true in the past, it is true in the present and will be true in the future. And whatever else exists beyond the three divisions of time, that also is indeed OM. What is the essence of OM? It is the eternal vibration of awareness.”

-Text from the Mandukya Upanishad translated by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati

Awesomeness.  Ok, so OM what?? was out.  (I dare you to check *that* website out.  I think you’ll agree that it’s quite different from what this is about…).  So, then I pulled out my Osho Zen Tarot cards (which seem to  always provide me with the most splendid and spot on insight), and I pulled none other than the Playfulness card!  Well, there you have it, my friends, the Playful Om.

This blog is about the thread that connects us all together and to the all that is and that essence of joy, love, happiness, contentedness, bliss, whatever it is, that we’re able to tap into to live a greater and more magnificent version of our lives here on Earth.

As I sat here and deliberated whether this was *the* name to go with, I found myself listening to and gazing at this Youtube video.  I couldn’t help but think, if I even needed confirmation, this photo of the uber joyous Dalai Lama holding the most amazingly colourful umbrella ever, with this mantra being sung that repeated “OM” oh so many times was IT.

YouTube Preview Image

So you might be wondering who this “I” is referring to… that would be me, Melina.  Although I’m the site owner and I’m the one typing up the blog posts, this isn’t really *about me*.  This, more than anything, is about the Playful Om 😉  (Though, if you’d like to know more about the person behind this site, you’ll be hearing from me in future posts with my insights and thoughts). I hope you enjoy your stay here and that you will return.  Please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email.  Best wishes and much love!

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