The Land of Miracles Part 1

I decided a few days ago that this was going to be a year of miracles. I woke up and said to myself, “yep, this is the year everything changes.”

Now, I have enough faith that such overhauls can happen, ‘cause they’ve happened before…

But, there’s always this slight trepidation in me that maybe, just maybe this is going to be one of those years—you know the ones that fall short of your expectations, that leave you craving the next one for a chance to regain balance, rise up from the ashes, etc. because in no better words, the year you’re in sucks? So, I’m putting it out there that the thought crept ever so briefly into my mind.

But, I said, “NO, not this year!” This year, I’m taking charge and living my life of miracles.

You see miracles abound. Oh yes, they are there all around us, but we’re often somewhat blind to them or immune to sensing their life-transforming capacities. I’m not sure the answer to why we don’t see them or aren’t moved by the miracles that always surround us—perhaps that will be something to explore in a future post. But, what I am certain of is that they’re there, happening all the time and I am committed to noticing them and feeling their depth and capacity to change me.

On that note of ushering in miracles, I have created a miracle box. It was an assignment and being the keener that I know I can be, I decided to go all out. My friend Fatma Zaidi created a free 21 Day Adventure to Transform Your Wealth Consciousness e-course for the new year which I signed up for (albeit a few days late … my non-keener sides making a brief appearance here) and day 5 was miracle box day!

A miracle box is a repository for all our dreams and intentions for the new year in the form of pictures, words and phrases. The idea is to set up the subconscious mind to attract those things to you.

But, instead of just going through the motions, I decided to do a little ritual around the process. I burnt some sage, read my statements aloud, put a citrine crystal grid around the box and even found this gold material to cover the box. Citrine is often used to attract abundance and security. Also, if you’re wondering, the stone in the centre is green aventurine and is said to be one of the most powerful to attract good fortune.

And, this box hasn’t seen the end of me! I plan on returning to it often not only to add to the dreams/intentions, but I also plan on enclosing notes on the miracles and dreams that I see actualizing in my life. An act of recognition and gratitude. I’m actually really excited about this!

Friends, if you want to see miracles in your life, it all starts with a commitment to see them. 

“A miracle is a shift in perception”- A Course In Miracles.

I do rituals to help me shift into a different space, kind of like going through some ethereal door that helps me see things differently once I’m on the other side.

There are tonnes of ways to shift your subconscious thereby shifting your perception and also changing your energy field to attract different things/feelings/etc. into your life. Take your pick. Just do it, because a life void of miracles is not one you have to endure any longer. So on that note, stay committed to the beautiful truth that surrounds you and I’ll meet you in the land of miracles 😉

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