The Everlasting Pulse of Life

“Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

The fox from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I’ve referred to energy a bit here and there, referencing the subconscious mind and our energetic field as if in doing so I’m presenting you with some proof or tangible validation of its existence. The fact of the matter is that I’m not a scientist, though there is some validity in that realm to a certain extent of what I and others are conscious of and work with in terms of the existence of subtle energy. But, it’s not from science that I understand our energetic realities. And, I strongly suspect that it isn’t the means by which most people come to understand subtle energy, especially considering that it tends to reduce it to something less than it is. It’s like it reduces it to a monochromatic spectrum when it can only be fully understood and appreciated when the entire rainbow of its reality is considered. I’m not saying it’s a hopeless cause; we just aren’t there yet to fully understand and appreciate the subtle energetic realm from that vantage point yet.

Energy is something that we can feel and sense and that is our way in. Although it affects all of us, not everyone is conscious of it. Though, if we are aware and can perceive its workings, we do get a sense of it. We can see it, feel it and hear its whispers. It affects us on all levels. It doesn’t just affect us on the physical; it affects our minds, our imaginations, our emotions, and our spirits.

Energy is not just something that floats around us and that merely affects our beings. It’s that, plus more. Energy is what we are. We are not our bodies. We are energy and our energy inhabits a body. Our bodies are vessels that localize and contain our energy to some degree. Even saying that is a bit misleading. Our energy is not stuck within this body while we are alive. We leave imprints where we go and we can also project our energy in certain ways that are far outside the reach of the body. But, our energy does fill up and animate this body. One of the greatest gems of wisdom to ever have been committed to paper and also one of my favourite books is the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu (Lao Tzu means ‘old man’ and he’s a character shrouded in mystery…who knows who this ancient, wise man really was).  I invite you to check out these lines from the 11th verse:

You see, our essence is the intangible and invisible stuff contained within our vessel, but we are not the vessel itself.  Who we are is the beauty that comes to life and the consciousness that makes the vessel something of great wonder. That stuff within the vessel doesn’t die when the shell dissolves and returns to the earth. When the shell breaks down, the energy within is released and freed. If that isn’t what happens, then tell me, what happens to our consciousness, our energy when we die?  We all know, much like Michael Lee in his spoken word poem Pass On points out that Newton established that “energy is neither created nor destroyed”… If that is so, then when our bodies break down and the energy of the vessel breaks down to fertilize the soil, what happens to the invisible stuff that made you be? You’ll want to watch him recite this beautiful poem as he so poignantly touches to the core of who we are:

YouTube Preview Image

We don’t disappear. Our essence is freed from the body, but permeates into eternity.  “When we die, we go everywhere.” And, when we speak about death, we aren’t just talking about loss… we are really talking about life. Die a little metaphorical death and let your soul be free, recognize the beauty of the invisible and hear the whispers in the wind, because in the invisible lies the essential… the beautiful… life.

“We are not created or destroyed. We are constantly transferred, shifted and renewed.” –Michael Lee

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