Virtually Create Your Real World

Ok, so I’ve recently been thinking about creating virtual vision boards.  I’ve had some success with the traditional, tangible, cut and paste collage creations in the past to help manifest what I wanted into my life.   But, now I’d love to create one with exactly what I’d like to bring into my world.

The problem is that while magazines often have general words and pictures, they don’t tend to have exactly what we’d like to manifest.  I have very specific ideas about what I’d like to bring into my life, and finding these in magazines has been a challenge.  It also doesn’t seem reasonable for me to purchase specialty magazines to cut up some pictures.  And, my guess is that I’m not the only individual on the planet who has more than general desires.

Why not just print off some pictures from the internet?  We could do that, but why waste the paper?   I mean, as we’re becoming more and more conscious beings, does it really make sense to print pictures off the internet to attract more stuff into our lives? Admittedly, vision boards are not just about manifesting material wealth into our lives, and also include attracting changes in lifestyle, emotions, sense of well being, health, and so on.  But, the point still stands that the waste of paper is not an ideal scenario.

So, I’m sure it’s all been said and done before, but I’ve thought about the possibilities with virtual vision boards.  My mind went to Pinterest and the microblogging platform Tumblr and other visually based internet social platforms.  And, in the midst of my thinking… it just happened.  My parents recently came to visit me and before they came, for whatever reason I felt an attraction to yellow tulips and made the background image of my laptop an image of yellow tulips.  And, bingo, on the last day of their visit, I found yellow tulips in my apartment.  Isn’t that cool? Yes, vision boards can work!

I’m going to call this a little virtual vision board success.  I know it isn’t a vision board per se, but I have real, tangible, yellow tulips on my dining table that I did not purchase nor ask for, but simply had a picture of up on my computer and I suppose I was energetically aligned to receive them.  (Hmm, in retrospect I’m thinking I should have made the wallpaper on my laptop a picture of cut tulips in a large vase… as it’s clear that a large enough vase for the tulips failed to manifest!)

I know some people look at vision boards and this idea that we can potentially manifest what we would like through pictures with a degree of skepticism.  This is particularly evident in those that have tried making them and did not seem to get any results.  A few hints as to why they may not have worked:

1) What you think you want is not in alignment with your soul’s purpose.  Things that aren’t in alignment with your higher purpose, will not be in energetic alignment for you to attract them.  And, if you’re thinking that you’ve attracted a lot of negative or unpleasant things into your life and can’t understand how that can possibly be related to your higher purpose, consider that life is a school and we are here to grow.  Sometimes this may entail undergoing some unpleasant experiences to push us beyond our current boundaries.

 2)  You’ve got some blocks that inhibit your ability to attract and manifest what it is that you’ve put on your board.  This is one of the most common issues.  Energetic blocks affect people on so many levels.   And, when it comes to vision boards, it’s all about energy.  This isn’t superstition or magic, it’s energy (albeit, it does feel kind of magical!).  When you put up a picture of what you’d like to manifest, you are programming your subconscious and thus your energetic field to attract it to you.  If you’ve got a blockage at a subconscious level, then chances are that the pathway to attract certain things into your life won’t flow as well and you may not be able to manifest what you’ve put on your vision board.

3) It could be on its way in a form and way that you aren’t expecting. To be honest, they almost always come in slightly different packages and come to us in unexpected ways, at unexpected times- keep that in mind!

So, if you’re interested to explore the possibilities with virtual vision boards, I encourage you to do so, especially if you spend a lot of time on the computer.  One of the keys to vision boards is that your subconscious tunes into the images, so if you aren’t on the computer much, then this might not work well for you.

Also remember, vision boards in whatever form they take are not just little, fun art projects.  They are so much more, which is why it is important to do the work beforehand to discover your soul’s desires by going within and getting in touch with the deepest parts of yourself and then setting your intentions.

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