The Land of Miracles Part 2

Recently I was asked on Twitter about what I think is the single most important thing to do or be to have an awesome year. Funny enough, this was to the exact topic of my blog for this evening. So sit tight and away we go.

The answer is:


Ah, this really does warrant a bit of explanation.

The single most important thing that I deem necessary to be AND do is to set your year up energetically not just to make what you want to happen happen, but to transform your energy into a magnet that brings the beautiful, insightful and growing forces to the forefront of your being and conscious mind.

In layman’s terms: In order to be fulfilled, happy, beautiful inside and out, and in a state of either good health or healing, and feeling well, we need to do whatever it takes to raise our own energy.

The forces to help us experience the greatest year life ever lie within us, often dormant until we reawaken them.

Different techniques work for different people. Last week I said to pick one, but didn’t give examples, so I’m going to give a few options to try out (this isn’t everything though! There’s a world of techniques and options to suit every individual out there.):

  • Self-hypnosis
  • Energy psychospiritual work like EFT and other techniques.
  • Creative activities that speak to your subconscious mind while engaging the creative mind like vision boards and miracle boxes.
  • Rituals
  • Body centred techniques that help to shift your energy like yoga, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine techniques and others.

Well, there you have it! These are the things that have come to mind, though there are countless ways. Raising our consciousness, expanding our auras and being in JOY and other positive, high vibrational emotional states, help to set up our lives to attract fulfilling and growth-filled experiences imbued with happiness.

On that very note, I had an absolute blast this week doing the most AMAZING workbook to energetically set up my 2013 oh so wonderfully!!! It’s called 2013 Create Your INCREBIBLE! Year Workbook + Planner by the lovely Leonie Dawson.

Let me tell you that this workbook does set you up for a life of miracles. (No small coincidence that this also happens to be my theme for the year and there is indeed a little activity in the workbook to establish a sacred word for the year).

(I love how the flash reflection in this photo showed up as a heart!)

The workbook had me go deep inside and search for what was meaningful, important and beautiful within me that I wanted to bring forth. And that, my friends, is another little way you can set your energy up at the beginning of the year to experience a fantastic year— go deep inside, get creative and get engaged fully and completely in that inner exploration.

And can I say, my oh my did my inner child have fun in the process! This workbook comes as an ebook—but this ebook is one that is DEFINITELY worth the splurge to have printed out! It’s not only a work of art in itself, but it might just get you to pull out some coloured pencils and markers like it did for me. (If you’re interested in getting this workbook, there’s a link at the end of this post).

(And make no mistake, this photo was taken right at the very beginning of my adventure. Since then, barely a section has been left blank.)

The workbook also had me do a yearly card reading, which I already love doing each year! Here’s a picture of mine. I tend to use two decks and set them up in a circle with the middle two cards representing the theme or central focus for the year:

So, there you have it! A glimpse into some of the ways I am working to raise my energy to experience a wonderful year. It’s not too late, most definitely not. You’ve got your life ahead of you, so whenever you’re reading this, it’s time to focus on your energy and shine out so that you can live an AMAZING life. Join me, won’t you in the #landofmiracles! ♥

© 2013 – 2014, Melina Schetakis. All rights reserved.

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