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If you want to get anything done, you have to get out of your head. Gosh, this is such a tough lesson for me to learn as I’m a person who is almost always in my head. But, it’s true. When you start doing things, you enter into a new realm which isn’t the mental realm. It’s well beyond the thinking and mulling things over and philosophizing. You see, that mental place can be amazing and great fun to dwell in at times, but nothing in this tangible world gets done when we stay there.

A musician’s got the song created in his or her mind’s ear, but it’s not until the notes are plucked, struck, sung or beats pounded that it becomes something that the rest of us can appreciate. Yes, the mind is amazing and coupled with a dash of divine inspiration aka imagination it’s a powerful force to contend with. But, without any of its marvels put into action, its fruits can’t be savoured by the rest of society. I imagine myself to have great ideas at times, who knows if they’re actually great, but for the sake of this argument, let’s all pretend that they are for a moment.  But, I struggle in the department of getting those ideas out there and out there in a relevant way. In my humblest of opinions these are relevant ideas that have the potential to change things for people, but if they are to stay just in my head, they fail to reach their full potential because no one else will hear of them or learn how to work with them.

Within the spiritual community a distaste for being a “human doing” has developed as we are emerging from an era of do-ers that lacked mindfulness and peace of mind. A movement of “human beings” in the truest sense is emerging. However, we must remember that being fully present does’nt mean that we do little or accomplish little. I remember once seeing a picture online of a homeless person camped by the road with a sign saying “human being, not a human doing.” I feel that this is missing boat or maybe it’s just a bit of satire that they’re pulling on us. We must remember that we don’t cease the doing, we just change our approach to the doing. We still have to wash the dishes, cook our meals (er, yes, let’s not opt to constantly skip this!) and so on. It means that we take on less stuff that feed our egos, we take care of our well-being and we do less, but we still do. Arguably, our accomplishments become more personally meaningful and take on greater value as we do them with complete mindfulness.

Now for the over-thinkers out there, the challenge is to get out of that time wasting mindspace. The reason we don’t want to spend too much time there is firstly because it eats up time like almost nothing else. Secondly, it’s because when we dwell too much in that realm, we may lose sight of the fact that there is more to all this— more to our beings than just what our minds can discern. Our minds are limited. If we dwell solely from that place and choose to see our entire existence from there we will miss ginormous aspects of ourselves. Finally, if we spend too much time there we risk over-identifying with the mind and as we said the mind is limited, so we risk over-identifying with fallacies and shortsighted opinions. Here’s a nice little quote from Ram Dass:

“Thoughts are terribly seductive, but you don’t have to identify with them. You identify not with the thoughts but with the awareness of the thoughts. To bring loving awareness to everything you turn your awareness to is to be love.”

He hit the nail on the head there. Our minds are fine, our thoughts are fine, but let’s not get stuck on that level. Let’s move to that place beyond our thoughts— the place where things get done with more ease, that place where our highest aspiration is to bring love to all and to all that we do. That’s how the real stuff that the world needs gets done. So if you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, take a step out of the mind. Let go. Realize that our greatest gift to all is the love that we can bring to the world. If your life circumstances don’t allow for your highest good to shine out, reconsider some of what you’re taking on and definitely adopt a practice of stepping out of the mind (aka meditation!). When you step out of the mind, the way becomes clear and there is always a way to allow our heartstuff to shine out.

On a final note, there is a time for everything. When we step out of our minds and take the trek down to the heart, time takes on new meaning. Things get done in their own time, their perfect time. We don’t mull over things or worry, we just do from the heart.

And I leave with this song… your heart knows the flower of your soul… when it will bloom and how it will touch you.  Just spread your seeds of love.

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Ps. I realize that this blog seems to touch on a lot of repeated themes, but it’s important to remember that the beautiful life is really simple… we complicate things with our minds. It’s just a few tweaks in how we perceive and experience our existence that makes the difference between the mundane or difficult life, and the amazing gift we are given here to experience. It takes regular work, but there isn’t some fancy or complex mind concept that unlocks the door. It’s simply coming back to our Source and perceiving from a place of true awareness.

© 2012, Melina Schetakis. All rights reserved.

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