The Spirit Knows Its Way

“The Pueblo Indians told me that all Americans are crazy, and of course I was somewhat astonished and asked them why. They said – Well, they say they think in their heads. No sound man thinks in his head. We think in the heart.” -Carl Jung

I’ve been grappling with a decision that I have to make and have come to realize that the basis of the confusion within me lies in a battle between my head and my heart.

Or, more like my head is bullying my heart.

Basically my head, my pompous mind that reasons and thinks and therefore believes itself to hold higher wisdom than my heart, has led me to believe that my choices are limited. It tells me that my best option is to stay on course as planned lest I make a terrible and regrettable error.

It’s been tough to dispute my mind, because it reasons and has this air of superiority to it that doesn’t really allow for much exploration beyond what it deems reasonable and possible.

But, you see, I’m coming to realize that my mind is going about with blinders on. Anything that tells us that a certain path is unequivocally the best for realistic reasons and does not set its biases aside to open itself to potential other possibilities (no matter how crazy they might seem), is a limited source to rely on for guidance.

For a long while now, my heart has been tugging at me and I’ve been ignoring its faint cries as my mind has been the dominant voice in me. It has been telling me how things are and how I must continue along this particular path, because this is after all my dream (or so it says…) and I wouldn’t want to give up on that, now would I? Well, no, dreams aren’t to be given up on and I guess it is my dream after all.

Or is it?

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You see, sometimes we have a preconceived notion of where we’re going in life and we think our way through a path that we hope will lead us there. Then somewhere along the way we start to think that this path we’ve concocted is in fact the dream we always wanted to accomplish. We plod on with our minds telling us this is what we want, without taking a moment to check in to see if our heart is in agreement with all this. We were excited when we first set forth, but somewhere along the way, things might have started to feel a bit off even though we stayed perfectly on course.

The reality is that the path is not pre-set; it’s not pre-determined. We might start something and feel strongly about it and as time passes our heart might lead us in a different direction.

The key is not to get stuck forcing ourselves through a path that the mind is forging for us when it is no longer in alignment with our spirit. Always, in life we must not merely check-in with our spirit, but be at one with it. We must follow it.This might mean going against what is reasonable, sensible or what the mind can even conceive as possible.

The spirit knows its way.

We need only to let go and let it show us. Ignore it and life goes on, but that ultimately leads to a life that compromises your spirit’s longings.

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.” -Anaïs Nin

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